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O bag- A Famous New brand[2017-11-04]
O bag-new fashion handbag brand[2017-11-04]
O EVA Bag History[2017-11-03]
Congratulation-New store of O bag.[2017-11-02]
Silicone Market Research[2017-10-10]
Lian Xing Da Thanksgiving Trip[2017-09-11]
Today I want to share our Lian Xing Da Thanksgiving Trip for you.bring the beach bag is perfect.
Fun and pratical DIY pencil case[2017-08-31]
This is a kind of case can bring a lot of fun for kids,and the back to school day is coming,why not prepare this fun present for student?
Summerlook drawing inner bag of eva bag![2018-06-23]
Summerlook drawing inner bag of eva bag! chose your like!
More hot sale ladies handbag show![2018-04-17]
The fashional handbag
Hot sale season is coming now...[2017-09-09]
As you know,Step.is the Procurement section.Many customer will have purchase plan.How about you?
The new semester is coming...[2017-09-05]
The new semester is coming...as you know,and the new style school bag had pushed out.
Go to beach with silicone bag is perfect[2017-08-29]
I believe everyone like to take a vacation on sandbeach,sandbeach is very beautiful,and with a beach bag is perfect
Back-to-school season.the backpack you need[2017-08-28]
​The silicone backpack have many different color for chose and it is very fashional and cute for children.
how the customers trust us bag quality?[2017-08-25]
how we promise our bags quality? how we can let our customers place an order for us?
France customer was visiting our company today[2017-08-21]
a France customer was visiting our company.He is very interested in our eva bag.
Winter eva bag pushed out,so Fashional![2017-08-19]
As winter approaches,Our company had pushed out the winter o eva bag for you.​​​The winter eva bag have different style fur,handle ,inner bag for chose,also there have colorfule eva body,you can co...
Women’s Bag Processing Factories to Have Correctly Positioning[2017-08-14]
positioning runs through the whole process of a women’s bag processing factory’s operation and development
How Will silicone Bag Processing Industry Solve Over-capacity?[2017-08-12]
To solve over-capacity,silicone bag processing factories should have clear positioning first
O eva bag processing Factories to pay attention to data.[2017-08-11]
our company Lian Xing Da is pay attention to data and we are a preffessional manufacturer factory
our company pushed out the new style o eva bag[2017-08-09]
this style obag have many different color for chose,also have many different style inner bag and handle for chose,you can combination flexible.