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Sing together ,dance together !

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Source:LXDClick:Date:2015-05-12 09:18:00

Ture heroes

      is the song of our company ,on behalf of our enterprise cultural soul. Althought it was popular while we are a child, but still very inspiring because of the lyrics of this song are positive and can bring positive energy to us ! Let us feel the warmth of the company, the team's unity.


In my mind there was a dream 

Use your voice to forget all the pain 

Who is really brilliant Star hero 

Ordinary people to give me the most moving 

No longer hate the pain has not 

I hope that the world always have love Yingzong 

We use the song for your sincere smile 

Bless your life from this unique 

Seize every minute of life, 

The dream of our hearts go all out 

Do not experience the storm how Xiancai Hong 

No one can be successful with the casual 

Grasp of life, each time moving 

And beloved friends enthusiasm Xiangyong 

Let the words and really happy tears 

You and I in the hearts of mobile