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President Xi stresses innovation to bolster economy

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Source:LXDClick:Date:2016-05-12 11:33:00

President Xi stresses innovation to bolster economy

We company need innovation to make new product

Chinese President Xi Jinping has asked senior officials to "make innovation the pivot of development," according to a speech published in the People's Daily on Tuesday.

"China's economy, now the world's second largest, still suffers from low quality of growth. Lack of innovation ability has been the Achilles' heel for economic development," said Xi in the speech, given at a symposium attended by ministerial and provincial officials in January this year.

And we are a private company. Innovation is quite important for us. So recently we have been always developing some new products, especially for the eva bag. Now we have a new project to develop a new eva bag with jeans' style. What we mean is the jean's patterns on the bag.

PLease check the following picture and tell us your comments. It is just a model made from woods.

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