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Source:LXDClick:Date:2015-05-08 13:59:00

     Name: silicone gel marca dragon zipper bag 

     Color: multicolor

     Product features :By using pure silicone gel 100% environmental protection. Without special maintenance, need not keep dry, don't be afraid after wet with besmirch or watermark and makes the surface appear wrinkles Marca dragon lovely shape, ensure that let you fondle admiringly. 

    In 2015, the latest version of the silicone products - the appearance of marca dragon zipper bag ultra Q Silicone gift has the property of the silicone material is 100% non-toxic environmental protection, heat resistance, cold resistance, oxidation resistance, waterproof and moisture resistance, compression resistance, corrosion resistance, scratch-resistant, prevent slippery. Product design is unique, diverse styles, design and color is varied; Special self-adhesive smooth surface, anti-sliding stability is good, bright color and highly decorative; Healthy environmental protection, no peculiar smell, shockproof, mouldproof, prevent bask in; Elegant and beautiful, soft and comfortable, can be arbitrarily placed, can often sexual contact with the body; Noise insulation, easy tailoring laid, easy to change, easy to clean; Good flatness, good resilience and high tear strength, high temperature strength; The environmental protection non-toxic, wear-resisting