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Fashion trend of handbags in 2016 AW

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Source:LXDClick:Date:2016-06-08 03:12:00

Fashion trend of handbags in 2016 AW

Today we will make an part analysis for the fashion trend of handbags in 2016 AW. Let us talk this with some key words. Why we talk about this ? we are silicone and eva bag factory -- Shenzhen Lianxingda Silicone Mould Co.,Ltd. Maybe their design can be our reference and give us inspiration. 

1. Wide shoulder strap design

Fendi is the first brand to start the wide shoulder strap in 2015.  After that, more and more brand also start to adopt this design, they will add a wide shoulder strap on their own bags.

2. Stereoscopic  patterns design

Pattens are always in changing and developing. On the handbag, designer will make the pattens more stereoscopic, which is a big trend to make handbag special.

3. Box shaped handbag

This year many brand develops the reretro style. When retro style is used on the box shaped handbag, it will be welcomed by many people. 


4. Elegant chain design

As we all know, Chanel will always use chain on their new women handbag. Chanel's chain is always elegant. Of course, not only Chanel will use chain design, but also many brand, Such as Loewe, Proenza schouler and so on.