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Source:LXDClick:Date:2020-12-31 10:48:00


Welcome to our website "LXD".


2020 is finally over! This hateful year finally says goodbye to us! What could be more fun than this! Just want to shout out on this special day: 2020, goodbye!

Thank you for your hardship and hard work, thank you for your challenge and encouragement! This year, although there were too many tears and sadness, we finally survived. This is a kind of victory! Goodbye! An extraordinary 2020!


2020 is full of tribulations, but also full of emotions and opportunities. This year, we are still full of rewards.

In 2020, our performance has risen to a new level. We have created one miracle after another, we have overcome one challenge after another, and we ushered in another opportunity after another... We must say for ourselves: hard work!

In 2020, we have worked hard, worked hard, worked hard, hesitated, laughed, and pleased... We have walked side by side together.


Thank you for 2020, let us experience a different mental journey, let us pause a little while on the busy journey, take a good look at our hearts, think about what we really need, take a good look at the things around us, well Cherish those touches that were overlooked in the past.

Thanks for 2020, let us know more about life.

HELLO,2021. We're READY.

After the storm, there will be another rainbow; after hard work, there will be gains. Our 2021 will also be a brand new and energetic adult!

Wish our 2021 is getting better and better! 

Dear, happy new year! 

Thank you for watching